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Chautauqua County Historical and Genealogical Society

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Formed April 1, 1999 in Sedan, Chautauqua County, Kansas by a group of people interested in preserving the heritage of their ancestors and generations to come.

On April 1, 1999 a small group of people met at the Sedan State Bank to see if there was enough interest in organizing a society, much to their surprise there was. Those who met April 1, 1999 for the very first meeting were:
Vera Miller, Renee Green, Del Huggins, Elaine Keeny, Linda Kline, James Moon, Nina Moon, Carlotta Munson, Harold Munson, Anita Pitts, Don Pitts and Freida Wells.

So it was voted that on that day , the Chautauqua County Historical and Genealogical Society would be organized.

Officers that were elected for the society are: Vera Miller President, Del Huggins Vice President, Carlotta Munson  Secretary, Cheryl Hurst Treasurer.

Membership to the society is $15 per year per person.

Your membership includes: quarterly newsletter, 1 hour free research by one of the society members, all other research is a  minimum of $10 per hour donation, 50 cents per copy and postage. Free queries in the newsletter.

We have now grown to almost 100 members and it keeps growing, not bad for one year's work by alot of dedicated people!

If you would like to become a member, just send a request to:
Vera Miller   or  Melodee Wolfe  and we will be happy to process your request. 

If you would like to send a request in writing, send to Chautauqua County Kansas Historical and Genealogical Society, 115 W. Main St., Sedan, Kansas 67361.
Please include an s.a.s.e when writing.

Chautauqua County Kansas
Historical and Genealogical Society 
 115 West Main 
Sedan, Kansas 67361

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