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Old Soldiers Of Chautauqua County Kansas
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Old Soldiers Of Chautauqua County Kansas

Below is a list taken from the local newspaper in Sedan, KS.

Sedan Times
Sedan Kansas
June 3, 1881
Attention Comrades!
You are requested to meet at the court house in Sedan Saturday June 11, at 1 o'clock for the purpose of organizing and making arrangements for a grand re-union of all ex -oldiers of Chautauqua county to be held at Sedan, July 4th 1881. Let every township be represented.

C. W. McHugh Co E 54th Reg Ind Inf.
H. B. McHugh C K 89th Ind Inft
D. J. Moore C H 100 Regt IN
Chas Dickman Co D 18th IN Inf.
T. J. McKibben Co B 25th IL Inf
H. H. McKibben Co B 25th IL INf.
M. C. Webb Co D 11th IL Inf.
C. A. Hall Co C 153rd IL
Daniel Stough Co D 126th IL Inf.
N. H. Merrill Co K 25th Mich
B. E. Binns Co C 12th Mich
Z. E. Binns Co B 1st Minn
E. C. Jaquith C B 18th NH
W. W. Jones Co A 14th Iowa Inf
J. B. Deatrick Co I 147th Ohio Inf
J. E. Lewis Co D 60th OH Inf
J. C. Long Co A 2nd OH
E. A. Brown Co C 8th TN Inf
C. C. Tompkins Co G 7th KS
R. G. Ward 19th USCT
C. M. Knapp 2nd CO Cav
T. N. King Co D 2nd KY Cav
Reed McGrew Co I 3rd KY Cav
D. M. Moore Co K 2nd Mo Cav
W. F. Sheek Co K 5th MO Cav.
J. S. Wade Co G 2nd NE Cav
Benton Smith Co A 9th Kans Cav.
J. R. Butler Co C 10th NY Art
S. W. Brown Co E 1st TN Art.

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