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 Tidbits From Old Newspapers
Sedan Times June 3, 1881

A. D. Dunn--Publisher

$1.50 per annum

The U. B. Church has been rodded

Bob Turner has the frame of his dwelling completed

R H Turner and M C. Webb were at Moline last week

Elder Ross, postmaster at Matanzas was in town Tuesday

David King of Cedarvale, called last Tuesday and paid $1.50

J. C. Cannon and John Lee were visiting at Elgin last Sunday

Logan has opened a barber shop in the room vacated by Joseph Heath

Jas. McClane is digging a cellar just west of O B Herberts residence

A brother of Dan Moore who resides in north-east Missouri is visiting in the city

R S Thornburgh closed has school district 79, last week and has returned home.

D B Keeney has the largest stock of sweing machines ever brought to Chautauqua County

D M Thurston of Harrison Township, was in town Monday and left $1.50 with the Times

W A Shobe of Jonesburg, was in town Monday and called around and subscribed for the Times

Dr. Hibbard one of Chautauquas most earnest Greenbackers, called last Tuesday and subscribed for the Times

If Dan Moore should get after the court house ring in Sedan for sheriff, he will make them twist you bet. Cherryvale News

Mrs. Elmore Connor has the thanks of the Tines household for a mess of fine new potatoes which were eaten with a relish on last Sunday.

Mrs. Lee returned from Osage Mission last Friday. She reports the children attending school from this county as doing exceedingly well.

Dr. Stevens of Peru called upon us Tuesday

W H Gibson was in Kansas City on business last week

J E Lewis was over at Independencd this week on business

Josiah Davis as wife of Cedarvale, parents of our Ed, were over visiting their infant this week

John Wilson returned from the Siloam Srpings last Monday evening, looking as natural as old shoes.

Pro Fosters show at the Court House last Monday night wasnt much of an affair, but then he didnt charge much of a price.

J N Johnson of Elgin sent us up $2.50 on Monday, for which he has our heartfelt thanks.

Prof. Conway of Peru was in town several days last week. He thinks of paying a visit to his old home in OH this summer.

The men who robbed Mr. Heath near Canaville last week, were arrested the day following at Independence and lodged in jail there. Mr. Heath receoverd his team and money.

F M Cooper, of Hendricks township was in town Monday and called and paid up for the Times. He says in his opinion the Times, sinceits enlargement, is the best paper ever published in the county.

Joseph Heath has moved to Grenola where he will open a barber shop His only reason for leaving Sedan was is inability to secure a room here. He is a good barber; and we hope that he will do well in his new location.

Marriages for the month of May 31st

W G Moore to Belle Shobe; H E Stoughton to Jennie Murqrain; Preston L Wright to Jennie Lane; Frank Matheny to Mary Ann Parker; David Holbrook to Olive Barnhart.

Miss Lee Hines was voted the albumn for being the handsomest lady and Brack McGee got the jack-knife as being the laziest gentleman present at the show last Monday evening.

E R Bennett has purchased a half interest in B E Binns grocery store. .Mr. Bennetrt is an old and well known citizen of the county, having lived on Grant Creek for nearly ten years. We predict success for the new firm.

The following officers were elected at the last regular meeting of Sedan Lodge No 141 for the ensuing term; W A Thornburg; N G; J D McBain; V. G.; M T Evans; R S; W. W. Jones; P S; B E Binns, T.

Elmore Connor came home from the Nation last Monday and spent a couple of days with his family, and then returned to look after the cattle which he purchased in Texas this season in company with Gran Young. They have gotten the herd as fare north as the Arkansas River.

The Christian Church will hold a basket meeting at the grove of H H Buckles timber, between Sedan and Peru, commencing on Saturday June 7th at 4 pm. Sunday School on Sunday morning at 9:30 oclock and preaching at 11 am and 4 pm. All are invited to attend.

Mr. Robert Marshall of Chautauqua county, has taken the contract of sinking a public well in this city and broke dirt Tuesday noon. He is to furnish a well that will afford plenty of water for which he will receive, if successful, the sum of $400.00. If no water is produced he gets no pay. The well will be sunk rapidly as possible and those who have subscribed and have not yet paid are requested to do so at once.

Last Saturday while Willie Chadburn was gathering Strawberries a short distance south of town, he was bitten on the hand by a copperhead snake. He got home as soon as possible and Dr McHugh was sent for who administered antidotes to counteract the poison of the bite. The boy has now entirely recovered. Thisis the second case of snake bite in this vicinity in a week and both have recovered withoutr the use of whisky.

Peru Paragraphs

P M Norris and family arrived home Sunday from a visit to Iowa

Johnny Monroe who went off from here last spring with the R R surveying party, arrived home Sunday. Johnny has great faith that the raod will yet be built.

Samuel Blakeman, an old and respected citizen living three miles east of Peru, died of pneumonia on the 30th.

Mr. Judy our fellow townsman, is buying all the fat cattle and hogs and paying round prices.

Geo Arnold was the lucky man at the show Saturday night. He carried off the Barlow knife, only beating Uncle Dick Kilgore a few votes, after a long contest. Mrs. Laura Kilgore received the albumn as the best looking lady.

Elder Jewett preached twice at the schoolhouse last Sunday. Come back again.

Dr. Stevens and wife are at Sedan to-day

J W Sipple and wife are over at Independence

J W Sipple received a new safe a few days ago

Pat Looby has his new house completeted which is a handsome structure.

Local Notices

I have a number of good Moline and Newton wagons which I will exchange for 1,2, and 3 year old steers. J K Tulloss

J E Lewis is the place to find the best and cheapest articles in clocks

Real Estate For Sale

Good farms and city property in Sedan and Peru J. Milton

Watches, clocks and spectacles without money at J R Butlers

I have private funds to loan which I can loan for from one hour to five years time, as circumstances may require. I will buy good notes secured by moratage. My interest is payable once a year. All loans must be secured by good real estate. Office days, Saturdays and Mondays and every other day when not out of town. P H Albright.

I have just received a large and well selected stock of wall paper. Call and see it and learn prices Geo. E Bradley.

J K Tulloss desires to call the attention of farmers to the fact that he has a first class article of Bob Wire for sale cheap.

Geo E Bradley keeps a large stock of the celebrated wizard oil 50 cents and $100 per bottle.

For good bargains in clocks go to J E Lewis

Geo E Bradley says he has the only retail Drug Store in the city therefore he can sell cheaper then the cheapest for cash. Try him.

Bucks, ewes and lambs, either now or after shearing. Apply to R B King, on Grant Creek.

I have just received a large and well selected stock of wall paper. Call and see it and learn prices. Geo E Bradley.

W. H. Gibson will always be found at his residence in Center township on Monday and Tuesday of each week, and at the office of W F Lemmon on Friday and Saturday of each week, where all parties who want to borrow money may asertain particulars. He wishes parties to understand that good real estate security is all that is required and upon that money can be had almost at borrowers terms. Money always ready to hand over, the lowest rates of interest with or without commission.

Get your Wizard oil at Bradleys

If you want borrow money do not forget to call on Clabaugh & Charlton

If you want a clean shave or a first-class hair-cut, go to the city barber shop, kept by Joseph Heath, next door west of the city meat market.

Buy you clocks and Jewelry of a man who is in business. Location one door west of J I Crouses. J R Butler

Having just received the largest stock of spring and summer goods ever opened in Sedan, and being busily engaged in making room for more, I can find it impossible to call upon those who have accounts upon my books and hope that they will return the favors shown by calling and settling as soon as possible without waiting to be called upon. By so doing they will oblige me greatly. J I Crouse Sedan, Kansas.

List of Letters

Remaining in the post office at Sedan Kansas June 1st 1881

Bright, JW

Baker, Edmund

Burdeck, Sarah T

Christerson, Wm

Gwin, T S M

Hammond U S Grant

Hogget, Amanda

Harruff, S W

Johnson, Clais W

Lillie, Thos

Lovell, Abraham

Murphy, Tarah E 2

McCaffiee, Perry

Ross, Columbus

Ross, Maggie

Simpson, Geo M

Sipple Geo M

Williams, T R

Kannedy, J H.

Grant Creek Items

Mr. S. Williams and family are preparing to start to the springs.

* * * *

Sedan Times, June 10, 1881A. D. Dunn -- Publisher

$1.50 per annum.

Local News

Mrs. Ed Davis is visiting at Oswego

S. P. Moore has opened a law office at Cherryvale

Mrs. O. D. Lemert and a sister are in town visiting

John Sutherland is running an ice wagon at Gould

D W Beaver, of Harts Mills, was in town on Tuesday

A D Woodman, of Hendricks township, was in town Tuesday

Woodman and Ross are setting grade stakes for gutters on Main and Chautauqua streets.

If Hades is any hoter than Sedan was yesterday we want to be sent to the old, original place.

Dr Dunn bought Boges farm consisting of 172 acres yesterday morning. The price paid was $1, 150.

Mrs. J I Crouse started last Tuesday to visit her mother in Mercer county Ill. She will probably be absent several weeks.

Mt. Thompsons little girl living on Grouse creek was bitten by a rattlesnake on Friday morning, and died Saturday morning. -Telegram

J K Hines was up to Severy and other towns north the past week, and came home with the firm conviction that Sedan is the best town in Southern Kansas.

George Bradley has made some more very noticeable improvements in his drug store.

The stone and brick masons on Moore & Heimbaughs building have completed their work.

Mr. and Mrs. C R Pollard came over from Cedarvale on Sunday last to visit relatives and friends.

Newell & Lee and J E Bridge shipped 200 head of cattle to Kansas City last Monday from Independence.

Mrs. Lyster went to Osage Mission on Tuesday of this week. She will return with her daughter, Nellie to-morrow.

Mrs. L L Turner, with her children left last Wednesday for a visit to Indiana. She will probably remain all summer.

Some relatives of John W Prillman arrived in this city this week from Indiana and will probably make Kansas their future home.

G W Swank who lives near Matanzas has between sixty and seventy acres of wheat that will be average, it is estimated thirty-five bushels to the acre. This is the best field of wheat we have heard of in the county.

Cedar Vale Notes

Dr. Lewis and family are fixing for a fishing spree in the territory.

Saturday evening all were on the street to see the house occupied by S B. Walker going down the street hunting a new location.

The people of Cedarvale are amusing themselves over one of the Journals correspondents who signs himself "Brick" who said that Mr. George Lee hauled in the largest load from Grenola to Cedarvale-6. 075 pounds-when Mr. Lees own statement is only 4, 700 or 4, 800. Mr. Brick is very ready to see the faults of the farmers, calls them "grumblers," etc. We would like to know who feeds him. We suppose him to be like the editor of the Journal when he stated that the farmers were so constituted they were fit for nothing else.

Harrison Hash

A. C. Jewett is a good huck-stering businsess

Sedan Times

June 17, 1882

A D Dunn-Publisher

$1.50 per annum

Ed Hollaway and family are visiting at Winfield

J P Harris of Little Cana called to see us Tuesday

Mr J E Mulkey is now setting type on the Howard Journal

Judge Thompkins court holds daily session in the court room.

A S Rainey, the poplar butcher of Grenola, was in town Monday

Alexander Bell of Grant Creek called upon us last week and left $1.50 to be credited to his subscription.

Wade Bros. Have turned out some finely painted buggies and wagons during the past week.

Hon A Ellis displayed a basketful of fine specimens of fruit at the meeting of the Fair Association last Saturday.

We have until now neglected to mention that Charley Dickman keeps the best ice cream ever sold in Sedan.

Will Thornburg has been loafing around our office some this week. We managed however to make good use of him.

Frank Witt living near Grant Creek was drowned Monday while trying to cross Walnut River.

Mr. Goodneal has commeuced the erection of a fine residence in east Sedan. When completed it will be one of the finest dwellings in the city.

The case of the County Comissioner vs. O D Lemert and others comes up for trial next Tuesday, the 20th inst. Before the referee, J. Milton.

Mrs. C A Hall returned from her visit to Michigan last Saturday, accompanied by her sister, Miss Babcock, who will probably remain herer all summer.

Albert Adams of Jefferson township, returned home Wednesday from Crawford county, and called on the TIMES while passing through town and made deposit of one dollar.

Wm Kyger has one of the best grist saw mills in the county now in operation. It is crowded with work, and everybody says Bill Kyger knows how to make good flour.

Dr. Baldwin of Harrison township was in town last Saturday aattending a meeting of the

Directors of the Fair Association. He also took in the sow and a good deal of water in the evening.

A boy stopping at Mr. Staffords was bitten by a snake on Tuesday morning, while reaching his hand under the house for a marble. Dr Graham was called and administered the wound, and they boy is now recovering.

Rev. McHugh showed us a copy of the revised edition of the New Testament last Monday. He seemed much rejoiced to be able to find the word hell in it. The term used was "the hell of fire"

We understand that Anthony Taylor and family are recreating at Eureka Springs. Bully for Anthony!

The Sedan Times, published by our old friend, A D Dunn, late of the Humboldt Inter-State, has lately been enlarged and otherwise greatly improved. Mr. Dunn is making the TIMES a splendid paper and it affords us pleasure to note this evidence of his prosperity-Chanute Democrat.

H H Albright, brother of P H, has removed from his sheep ranch in Cowley county to this place. He will go into business with his brother. They have made arrangements to do an immense load and real estate business.

David Webb and lady left this week for a visit among children and friends in IL and Wisconsin. They will remain away all summer, and as they are both aged and feeble, it is hoped their health will be materially improved by the trip.

Eli Boutell and Seth B Smith, two well-to-do farmers from Missouri, last week purchased

Of Col. Donelson, the Brown farm, near Harts Mills and will remove here in the fall with their families and engage extensively in the stock business.

Bob Turner of the Sedan Journal is building a residence. We have only one guess to make at this development-Howard Courant-We dont know what your guess is Stein, but ours is that as soon as Bob gets his house completed, hell Turner her over to somebody else.

Frank Osborn of Howard has been in town several days this week attending to the large business of the firm of Hollaway and Osborn of which he is a member. He reports their office here, which is in charge of E W Holloway, in excellent shape.

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