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1876- The Chautauqua Journal

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1876- The Chautauqua Journal
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The Chautauqua County Historical and Genealogical Society has in it pocession one copy of the September 8, 1876 newspaper. It consists of 4 pages and it is a copy of the orginal. I have transcribed all that pertains to Chautauqua County and have placed here for our viewers.


The Chautauqua Journal- Sedan, Kansas

Friday September 8, 1876



Watkin's new hotel is progre-sing nicely

A. H. King has moved the P. O. to his new building.

M. E. Hudson don't seem disposed to get off the Gubernatorial race track.

Mr. Kelso's eldest son is visiting his parents in this place.

D. J. Moore is building quite a sitely residence just west of town.

Col Donelson and John Lee have been attending court at Howard City during the week.

Mr. L. P. Getman returned home on Friday last, after a protracted visit to friends in Iowa.

Our friend W. W. Jones is rejoicing over the birth of a Centennial boy, weight, eight pounds.

Our old fried Joe Dobyns, has been nominated by the Elk county Republicans for the Legislature.

Sheriff Mattingly is busy serving subpoenas upon witnesses for court. The number to be served is 325.

R. J. Edwards, at Boston, now has the mammoth calf. At 2 months and 4 days it pulled down at 280 pounds.

We learn that Mr. Aley has been engaged to teach the Fall and Winter school at this place.

Joseph Lewis, who formerly resided here intends soon to erect a 20 feet front to his drug building and open out an excellent stick there in.

Jack De Cou, who lives near Newlon, has the champion fat pig. At 90 days old it weighed 97 pounds. Jack defies pigdom to produce its equal.

Mr. Peters brought into our office the finest sweet potato we ghave ever seen this season. Mr. Peters had a good large crop of such fruit.

A. H. King has sold his town property to Mr. Peters, who will shortly take possession. Mr. King having purchased the Wilson house, in the West of town.

Thos. King, for two years had name an efficient clerk of the District court, and hence we would be pleased to see the people give him the office for another term.

35 applicants for Teacher’s Certificates were examined last Saturday. This is decidedly the largest class ever examined here, and the capacity of the school house was not sufficient for the occasion.

T. L. Davis of Eureka, the man who is a drunken spree kicked over the type of the Herald office, wears long hair, drinks bad whisky, and boasts of his rebel antecedents, is the Democratic candidate for Congress in this, 3rd district.

Swayze, of the “Blade” calls his paper independent. Wishy-washy would be more appropriate. When the Republican ticket was nominated, he expressed himself satisfied with it, and signed his intention of supporting it. Why don’t he do it.

George Pile having counted Tilden in and Hayes out, had a boy a day or two since, and is now a strong advocate of male rights, so our friend Getman tells us.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The Chautauqua Journal - Sedan, Kansas

Friday September 8, 1876

Business Brevities

Physician's Prescriptions careful compounded at the drug store of K & K.

If you want to Buy a Good Farm call on G. A. Watkins, Sedan.

Go to M. C. Webb for a cheap suit of clothes, direct from Chicago.

I shall keep fresh beef and pork on hand at all times. My country customers will take notice. Wm. Osborn

If you want an easy chair call Ulmer & Frank, Independence, Kansas

If you want to by Town Property call on G. A. Watkins, Sedan.

If you want to buy Stock, call G. A. Watkins, Sedan.

If you want pure medicines call our K & K druggists, Sedan, Kansas.

G. A. Watkins, Auctioneer, Sedan, Kansas.

Sewing Machine Needles in endless variety a the new Hardware of J. K. Tulloss.

Kirkland & Kirkpatrick, Druggists, Sedan, Kansas, have on hand a pure and fresh stock of drugs.

SITTON HOUSE Newly refitted and furnished- Joseph Sitton Proprietor. Sedan, Kansas.

Centennial Hotel, Cedar Vale, Kansas. John A. Johnson, Proprietor

Nathan Wheeler, Notary Public, Sedan, Kansas.

M. G. Miller Attorney-At-Law, Sedan, Kansas

City Drug Store, Sedan, Kansas, Notions, Ladies Faney Toilet Articles, Sponges, Pipes, Tobacco, Toys, Paints and Oils. Lamps and Lamp shades, Burners and Flues, Soaps and Patent Medicines and Everything else usually found in a first class Drug Store, kept constantly on hand. Physicians Prescriptions Care fully Compounded. D. S. Gray

Hardware Store Now Opened at Sedan. Agricultural Implements, Cultivators, Plows, Drills, Reapers, Mowers and Harrows. The Celebrated Weir Plow and Cultivator. Bolts, Butts, Screws, Locks, Hand Corn Planters, and Chisels, Saws and Carving Knives, Pocket Cutlery and Threshing Machines. Stoves and Tinware always on hand. J. K. Tulloss.

If you have an old newspaper and would like to share its contents, please type or copy and send to me
Freida Wells