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Chautauqua County Historical and Genealogical Society

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The Chautauqua County Historical and Genealogical Society are offering the following things for sale. If you wish to purchase any of the items, write to the society at 115 W. Main St., Sedan, Kansas 67361 and they will be sent, be sure and enclose payment with your order.

The Society has the following publications for sale.  They range from  $15 - $30 plus $4.05 first class postage. A 3 1/2" floppy disk of these are also for sale for the same price. 

Chautauqua County Kansas "Its Pioneers, Beginnings,Towns, People and Places of Interest." 183 pgs. $30.00 (May 2004)

Marriage Record Books A-F  $25.00 - 113 pgs. 

Marriage Record Books Index, A- L $25.00 -  138 pgs.  
Marriage Record Books G-L  $25.00 - 107 pgs.
Marriage Record Books M-R  $25.00 116 pgs. 
Cemetery District #9 - includes the following cemeteries: Alford, Mt. Vernon, Casement, and Greenwood. 160 pgs.  $25

School District #44 Census -for the years 1916-1923  120 pgs.  $15

Marriage licenses from 1870-1899 indexed seperately from the marriage books. 188 pgs.  $25
Sedan High School Alumni (1889-2001) $15
1921 Chautauqua Co., Atlas 42 pgs.  $15
1903 Atlas 61 pgs. $15
Funeral Home Death Listing Index
Jan 13, 1914-Nov. 13, 2002, 120 pgs. $15  
We will copy and mail to anyone who requests it a copy of the actual marriage license if we have it indexed. These are not the application & affidavit that is in the marriage books, these are the actual licenses that were returned to the clerk after the  marriage took place.  
Pioneer Certificates
Applications for the Chautauqua County Pioneer Certificates are now available from the Society.  Send your request to the Society and forms will be mailed to you. The cost of the Certificate (suitable for framing) is $5.00. Plese do include an s.a.s.e when writing.

If you know of any publications that are for sale that you think the society would be interested in, please contact  us at the address below.
  Chautauqua County Kansas
Historical and Genealogical Society 
 115 West Main 
Sedan, Kansas 67361